Understanding Times Tables

Understanding Times Tables

By Ronit Bird

  • Release Date : 2014-06-17
  • Genre : Education
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Understanding Times Tables Continuing in the series ‘Help your child master numeracy’, dyscalculia specialist Ronit Bird presents an ebook entirely devoted to learning and understanding multiplication tables.

Children who are expected to learn their tables facts simply as a list of numbers, without really understanding what they mean, often have difficulties recalling the facts reliably. The solution is to teach for understanding. This entails focusing on the concepts and the process – the way a child thinks and reasons – much more than on the answers.
In this book, children will be introduced to the area model of multiplication and division in a hands-on and multisensory way. Tables facts are modeled by counters arranged into arrays and Cuisenaire rods stacked to form rectangles. These models create patterns that are highly visual and memorable, which fosters the kind of visualisation techniques that are so important in the development of good mental arithmetic strategies. 
If you have never come across Cuisenaire rods before, you are recommended to begin by working through the previous ebook in this series, Exploring Numbers Through Cuisenaire Rods.
Ronit Bird has developed the ideas in this book through her many years of experience working with children who struggle with numeracy. However, the methods are equally successful with children who are learning times tables for the first time. 
This ebook contains 65 fully illustrated pages and 16 videos with a total running time of more than 75 minutes. The videos demonstrate exactly what to do and say as you work through the teaching activities and games. The book aims to show parents how to help their own child learn efficient calculation strategies based on logic and reasoning in order to develop a real understanding of times tables.


  • Understanding Times Tables

    By Macca Motion
    As a parent of a child with dyscalculia we had long given up hope that he would ever learn and understand times tables. This book however approaches the subject differently; and with clear diagrams, text, demonstration videos and games, gives us hope that there is a way forward! As with Ronit Bird's other publications this is another great book that is so beneficial when working with young people who are struggling to understand mathematical concepts.
  • Capable Mum incapable of helping child struggling with maths!

    By HappyMa3
    This is the most helpful and easy to follow resource I have come across. Traditional teaching and language around maths has proved confusing and some methods unreliable for my child (11y). This visual resource on concrete methods has built confidence and rapidly improved understanding of vital multiply and divide skills. The embedded videos can be expanded to full screen making them very easy to follow alongside your child, also appealing to their thirst for all things technology. I like the way that it is written, non-patronising in clear English with gentle reminders on how to best help your child as you work through the material. Thank you for this breakthrough in teaching methods, so enabling for both mum and child!
  • Understanding times tables

    A fantastic book, with clear explanations of the underlying principles as well as excellent videos which take parents or teachers through each stage of teaching. The games are enjoyable and help to clarify what children need to understand if they are to have a real grasp of times tables. As a primary school teacher and experienced Senco, I will definitely be recommending this (and the other titles in the series) to parents and colleagues.
  • Understanding times tables

    By Judyh5711
    Ronit has produced another excellent resource in this book which will be invaluable for anyone who is teaching or learning the times tables. It is very well structured and user friendly with high quality video clips and mini quizzes that make the book both engaging and easy to follow. I would highly recommend it as a must have resource for parents and teachers alike .
  • Understanding Times Tables

    By Ogbod1
    This new book by Ronit Birds follows on in her series of ebooks providing a similar format to ensure that mathematical concepts are broken down into structured, cumulative multi-sensory activities to enable a deeper understanding in the learners. The demonstration videos are clear and give an easy to follow guide for the 'reader' who could be a teacher, teaching assistant or a parent. The layout is colourful and easy to read. The games section enables excellent opportunities for overlearning which is the key to success with learners who may find maths a challenge. However this book will benefit not only learners who struggle with maths but also those encountering these concepts for the first time (KS1 learners) and the grounding that they would get by following the ideas in the book would be excellent. I know I will come back to this book for reference time and again much as I do the other books in the series. An invaluable resource.
  • Gillian

    By Coops85
    Yet another wonderful resource from Bird. Understanding times tables is packed with videos, demonstrations, effective examples and activities that I keep referring to. As a teacher, I understand the importance of understanding times tables rather than memorising. Times tables are the basis for most mathematical concepts and knowing how to use and apply then is essential. I appreciate how the skills are broken down and explained as well as how logical they are. This is a resource I keep coming back to.
  • understanding times tables

    By Jnuyas32567
    In this ebook, Bird teaches children systematically to derive times tables answers from a number of key facts, rather than by rote learning. The focus is on understanding the concepts by working with concrete materials, such as Cuisenaire rods, areas/arrays and numberlines. the ebook is clearly and colourfully set out with subheadings, diagrams and many demonstration videos showing the reader what to say and do. As in her printed books, there is an excellent section on games - practice will always be the essential element in learning the tables. The child will need to have mastered certain pre-skills, such as the ability to halve and double mentally. The 6x table is taught by doubling the 3x table i.e. 6 x 3 = 18 so 6 x 6 = 36. Although the children are shown 'step counting' in 5's, Bird teaches the 5x table by halving the 10x, which seems unnecessarily complicated! An important aspect of the method is the linking of the language of multiplication with division. The book provides a useful teaching resource. It gives an effective way of putting across the times tables with understanding - and it is this conceptual understanding together with practice using the games - that will promote long term memory of the facts.
  • Jean

    By Jkmugs
    This is a great book for understanding the concepts of multiplication and division. The diagrams are attractive and explain the concepts clearly. The videos help to understand how to present the ideas and this is great for parents as well as practitioners where vocabulary is used to aid comprehension. The games at the end are also brilliant and give a fun way to practise the times tabes. I found the focus on the comprehension of times tables rather than rote learning alone, refreshing and inspiring. However, I think the strength of the book is on comprehension and I think to learn the times tables facts from the way the ideas are presented relies too heavily on working memory where a number of steps need to be done before the answer can be arrived at. Having said that I think this is a valuable book not only for teachers but all key stage 1 teachers who are introducing the concepts of multiplication and division. I loved reading it as a digital book.